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AMA Review

Anime Mid Atlantic 01'
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Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
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Kawaii Senshi
Papa Smurf
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This was the first con the Kawaii Senshi ever went to... this was a first year con that was OVER 435 miles away from us!! Wanna guess how long of a car ride that is... A LONG ONE!

In the end it was all worth it! The dealer room... was great... even though compared to bigger cons it stunk ((That is what we heard))

The down... besides being FAR away there was only 15 cosplay entries... but 600 fans came! 

Another good thing was... Samma and Bunny both met there boyfriends at AMA ^.^

::Sings:: Love is in the air

((Minako will always be Papa Smurf's girl))

After Cosplay there was a great dance... Awesome DJ and lights and fun! The con was over too soon! Other wise it was great! Minako's Camera broke though... and Papa Smurf didn't make it to this con... BUT we still have pictures from AMA that we grabbed off the internet!


Thanks for stoping by!

Awards Won: Minako won, Judges Choice ((Danny Hong))