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M.T.A.C. 2 1/2 PICTURES!

Minako is a bad photographer... sorry! 

Papa Smurf and the talented Lee "Lost boy" Thompson

as a hottie from FF8.... SEIFER

Ri-yo-ki and Papa Smurf! *Reow*
Attack of the SANs!
Papa Smurf taking a snack brake!
Papa Smurf and one of the cosplayer's BIG prop! It was HUGE!
Asuka and Papa Smurf!



This is Dylan as Vigita from Dragon Ball Z! His hair was bigger then him!

Well... that is anime for you! BIG HAIR!

Pan from DBZ! DBZ is corrupting our youth! HEAD FOR THE HILLS!
Papa Smurf and the Kawaii Senshi's 3rd hotel room a little before the dance on Sat. 

Third Hotel Room?? Read our Con. Review to find out....

Ashly V. as Sakura!
Ash and Kell as Suppi-chan and Ruby Moon

((Note: they are also talented artist!))

The wonderful Hickaru ((is a dummy)) and Papa Smurf

Minako thought it was a real person... what a ditz

You Dummy!
Bunny in the con suit... as... a bunny girl.

When Minako wore this, people said "A fully clothed Playboy Bunny!"

Samma as Magical Princess in the con suit.... Drinking coffee.... 
Myrr-chan in the con suit.... ^.^
Minako in the con suit.... CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG!
Marron who was so happy that Minako knew she was from Sorcerer Hunters....

Everyone thought she was Mousse from Ranma 1/2

TJ Hamilton, a volunteer who helped with the running of the A/V equipment in Main Events as Ranma!
Thanks Lostboy for the name! 
Add some Gundam Wing and a a little bit of Fushigi Yugi....
Front Desk! She told me who she was... but I forgot ^^;;