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As most of you readers out there have already guessed, anime cons are fun and a great way to spend your spare time if you're a serious otaku like we, the Kawaii Senshi are; but today I'm here to tell you a tale of what went on at our last con, when these four unlikely cosplayers, after they had reached the point of no return, found themselves lost in "The MTAC 2 Zone" *add eerie music here for special effect*
It was the afternoon of November 2nd and I found myself anxiously staring at the clock and listening to my teacher list off equations that made sense to nobody. At the sound of the bell, I jumped out of my seat and made a mad dash to the door, and of coarse my ride home was late, so I had to wait at school a few minutes, and upon finally arriving at home, I gathered all my stuff....and Bunny's stuff....and Myrr's stuff...and luckily it only took one car trip to get all the crappage to Minako's house, and by that time Minako was ready to kill me for being late. Next we went to pick up Myrr and Bunny from school, and they weren't too happy at me either, but finally we were able to hit the open road and off we were to MTAC ^-^

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