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Anime Mid-Atlantic 2002 (AMA 02')

Saturday: Woke up early as the girls got in costume... hehee, I get to share a hotel room with a bunch of cute girls and you don't, nyaa! We headed down stairs and went to the HUGE dealer room... where we met Jake... went to his hotel room, watched Cruel Intentions...@.@ Woke up his brother and went downstairs to hang out with our new friends! Saw the ever cool banker twins and went to Plushie Con 1.5 and met Chocobo Rancher Webmaster! He was cool! Went to the dance while Samma was in the DDR tournament.. she won 2nd place... but she and the first place winner, Forest, got a long VERY well.. The dance was pretty fun... Everyone had a lot of fun. After the dance we all went to the video room, till about 3 am, then went to bed.

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