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Animazment 02' Pictures

 Final Fantasy X duo Friends having fun! Don't you love these types of pictures! The ever cool Miyu Ichiban Crush (Mike) and his fangirl (Michelle) *drool*  Angel as the rabbit from Alice 19th.... I'm such a fan boy Neko 7 as Mario! Whatever con we go to.. he is there! Rabi~en~Rose with some plushies! ^.~ Bunny (Lock), Minako (Butterfly), and Gecko-San (Bunny) from Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland Playing "Elevator Survivor" at about 3 AM. Chillin' with Myrr on the elevator, waiting for Star Bucks to open Billy, Myself, and some other dude, passed out on the couch early Sun. morninng... they had to much to drink      

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