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Animazment (AZ 02')

Saturday: We woke up nice and early! Everyone put on their hall costumes, Myrr as Ryuoga, Bunny as the Lock (she was hot glued into this) Samma as Parappa, Minako as a Butterfly. I headed downstairs with Myrr, while Samma hung with the Fujikoma peeps again, and Minako and Bunny hung out with Gecko-San. We all stood in lines most the afternoon to get signatures. Did you know, even Japanese people love me! Hehhee, well, after cosplay, which, sadly, I didn't get to attend, but heard it was great! After that, I had some pizza with Ashley V., Angel, Kawaii Senshi, Spam and a bunch of other people!! Anyway, after that, we went to the party. It was kind of slow at first then got better. Minako went "spinning" off with Ed. Bunny and Myrr met Joel and all his friends. Myrr and Minako pulled an all nighter... WITH ME! I so wanted to go to bed! >.--

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