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Animazment (AZ 03')

Saturday: Woke up around 8:30 am and headed down stairs after only 3 or so hours of sleep! Met up with some friends, Jade, Penis, Legolas, and others. Not much to do, all the good panels were later, and all overlapping each other, so board shit-less until about 7 when cosplay started. There was a mini-concert preformed by the Di Gi Charat girls!! It was so cute you wanted to kill something! (( something = the M.C.)) We left after about 7 skits, the M.C. was just that bad. Personally, I was hiding in Myrr's bag.  The dance started late, and it was so much FUN! We all pulled all night-ers, and had fun sitting and eating, I befriended the HENTAI POPE. He isn't all that bad... and his funny drunk friend!

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