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Anime Mid-Atlantic 2001 (AMA 01')

Papa Smurf didn't attend this con: Review written by Minako

Friday: The Kawaii Senshi spent the night at my house, and then at 7 in the morning we packed up the car and all drove off to Virginia! ((6 HOUR DRIVE!)) We got there at about 3 pm, and rushed to our rooms and changed into our costumes, as Samma and I rode around the hotel in the baggage carts! ^^ We came downstairs and saw the opening ceremonies. We then rode the elevater and met up with some cool boys! ((Tenchi, Sean and Jake)) We hung out with them, and met the swedish dude, George, and his cousins, along with Bubble boy, Puffy, and there cool buddy. ((What was his name again?)) We changed back into our "street clothes" and played "Elevator Survivor". I lost. >.< Later that night... or Saturday morning about 2 in the morning, we met up with two bankers. It was there birthday (they are twins) and we talked in the halls, and they invited us up to there room to watch A-ko. We all went up there, and hung out with some other otaku's. It was great! Myrr, Bunny and I headed up to the room and went to sleep. After SEVERAL failed tries to wake us up ((I took the room key)), Samma was finally in the room, and in the bed.

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