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Anime Mid-Atlantic 2001 (AMA 01')

Papa Smurf didn't attend this con: Review written by Minako

Saturday: We woke up all happy OUR FIRST COSPLAY! We headed off to the con suite to get some breakfast ((Cheese puffs)). As we were leaving, we opened the door and found a few boys ((Tenchi and Sean)) sleeping at our door! >.< Finally we got down stairs to COSPLAY! After the few entries that were there (( and the MC messing up ALL our names one way or another)) I received an award, Judge's choice! I was the only one of us that got an award...u.u    After cosplay, we hung out with Musashi, Taren and Keiko for a while, and then headed off with they guys again. Myrr went of with Bubble boy and his friends, and Samma and Tenchi were off in the corners together most the time, Bunny, I, Sean, and Jake headed to George's room. Hung out with his cousins. After a while we went up to our room, and changed and went to the dance! ((It was the best thing I've ever been too!!!)) 

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